Houshmandzadeh Not Returning To Baltimore?


Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times was able to talk to WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh about his time in Baltimore and his future with the team.

“I wish things had ended better,” said Houshmandzadeh.”I’m not a guy who drops the ball, but I dropped a ball that really matters. Last year was a really bad year for me on the field.”

“The last two years have been the most disappointing years I’ve had,” Houshmandzadeh added. “I know people will say I can’t play no more. If I get to the right team, I’ll shock a lot of people.”

“I need to go to the right team and get the right opportunity,” Houshmandzadeh said. “Here’s the thing: You can be a good-looking man and you like a woman, but it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like you. I want to go to a team that wants me to play for them.”

I remember him saying the same thing when he was released by the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe he’s right but oppurtunity is hard to come by in the NFL, especially when you’ll be 34 at a skill position, and this years over sized group of free agents isn’t going to help his chances.

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