Jets May Hold Off On An Extension With DE Muhammad Wilkerson


According to Brian Costello of the New York Daily News, the expectation from people around the NFL is that the Jets will exercise the fifth-year option on DE Muhammad Wilkerson and opt to negotiate a long-term deal at a later time.

It appears as though several teams could elect to take this approach with their 2011 first-round picks given that this is the first year of the new CBA were 2015 player options are in play.

Costello mentions that Wilkerson’s option would run them close to $6 million for the 2015 season, which is a very reasonable salary for a player of his ability.

Wilkerson, 24, will make $1.2 million for 2014 season, but he’s in line for a massive contract after getting off to a great start to his NFL career. Costello expects Wilkerson and his agent to pay very close attention to what happens with the Texans and DE  J.J. Watt in the coming months.

In three season in the league, Wilkerson has tallied 116 tackles, 18.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles and an interception.


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6 years ago

This is a no brainer wait now pay big time bucks later. They CAN NOT LET THIS MAN WALK. He is a beast the best DL that they have. Guys like this are rare and do not grow on trees. Sign him now. Don’t let him get anywhere near the open market if he does someone will be dumping a truckload of cash on his front lawn. He can go down as one of the Jets all time great defensive lineman