Latest On CBA Negotiations


According to Josina Anderson, the NFL has informally offered the players an increased split of the revenue during negotiations for the next CBA. 

Currently, players make 47 percent of the money the NFL generates, with 51.5 percent going to the owners and another 1.5 percent going to stadium credits. Anderson says the new split proposed would give the players closer to 48 percent of the revenue. 

This is a major development, as the revenue split is the top issue up for discussion during current CBA negotiations. Players are seeking more of the NFL’s fast-growing revenue, with concessions potentially including a 17-game season

Anderson adds the upcoming end of NFLPA president Eric Winston‘s term, who has been one of the key faces during negotiations, may be a factor in expediting negotiations. 

The current CBA is set to expire following the 2020 season. The NFL and NFLPA have had regular meetings since April and the tenor around negotiations is much different than the last CBA talks in 2011 when the owners locked out the players. 

The owners also have a March 2020 deadline to agree to a new CBA before specific contract and salary cap rules kick in, including the lack of June 1 release designations and the ability of teams to use both the franchise and transition tags to keep players off the free-agent market.

Some issues expected to come up are an 18-game regular season or expanded 14-team playoffs, a reduced preseason, changes to the NFL’s marijuana policy and potentially limiting commissioner Roger Goodell‘s authority in player discipline. 

The two sides have also reached tentative agreements on a number of issues including benefits, raising minimum salaries, former player healthcare, workplace rules and how grievances are handled.

We’ll have more regarding CBA negotiations as the news is available. 

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