Mark Sanchez Is Willing To Restructure His Contract To Keep Free Agents


The New York Jets may have gotten some good news today as QB Mark Sanchez said that he was willing to restructure his contract so that they could keep some of their free agent players.

Whatever it takes, whether it’s adjusting contracts, delaying payment, whatever we have to do, our team will do it,” Sanchez said today. “I know that. We’ll be unselfish with it. We’ll get it figured out.”

Sanchez was asked to clarify if he meant that he was willing to restructure his deal in which responded by saying “absolutely, and my agent’s already talked to me about it. Whatever we need to do to win, it’s on. I think our whole team feels that way. If it’s [Darrelle] Revis, me, whoever–it doesn’t matter. So, we’ll do whatever we can.”

It’s good news for Jets fans that Sanchez is willing to rework his deal since they’re facing a situation where they could end up losing a number of key players.


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