NFC Notes: Lions, Packers, Vikings



Lions’ WR Kenny Golladay doesn’t seem too worried about the fact that he doesn’t have a new contract in place with the team.

“I’m going to just play the season, and if a contract gets done, it gets done,” Golladay said, via Kyle Meinke of “I don’t care if it takes ’til the end of the season, then it takes ’til the end of the season. If it doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t happen. Just keep moving forward. Only thing I can really control right now is my play on the field and the energy I bring on the field every day.”


Packers’ GM Brian Gutekunst was asked if the hot start from QB Aaron Rodgers has changed anything in terms of a succession plan for rookie QB Jordan Love take over at some point down the road. 

“I think we kind of expected some of this year-two comfort level between the people that are doing it and the understanding of the nuances of the system,” Gutekunst said, via Kevin Clark of The “I just think, and not only [Aaron], but the offense and the coaching staff, they’ve grown this thing together and made it their own. I think he’s one of the best that has ever done this and he’s always played at such a high level and when not only himself but the team around him is so confident in what they’re doing, it allows for some of that success. He’s a very unique athlete and mentally, his ability—he’s got so much experience and he’s so bright that he’s hard to get off his game. Certainly, this year is different. It’s very eerie being in some of these stadiums, but his focus is as good as I’ve been around. I think it’s the world we live in, an instant gratification world. With fantasy football and things like that, people think that’s kind of how you build teams, and that’s not necessarily the way we’ve done things here. We’re pretty excited about our football team.”


Vikings’ T Riley Reiff mentioned that he was happy to be with the team, despite the fact that he took a $5 million pay cut and may be in line to take another one if he plans on remaining with the team in 2021.

“I take it hour by hour, but I love it here,” Reiff said, via Chris Tomasson of Pioneer Press. “The Vikings have been great to me. I’m happy to be here. It is what it is. That’s what happened, and I’m glad to be back here. I’m happy to be here and ready to move forward and keep on playing for the Vikings. My teammates, coaches. I love playing here in Minnesota. Midwest, tough. I like (the NFC North). I’m grateful to be here.”

Vikings’ S Harrison Smith is happy to still be teammates with Reiff and said he enjoys going into battle with the fellow team captain.

“Riley is one of those guys you want to go into games with,” Smith said. “Just that presence and his knowledge of the game and what he’s done, and then what he did to come back to the team, that just shows how much he wanted to be here and how important he is to us.”

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