NFL & NFLPA Reach Agreement On Virtual Offseason For Teams, Begins April 20


Charles Robinson reports that the NFL and the NFLPA have come to an agreement on the terms of a virtual offseason that will begin next Monday, April 20. 

Tom Pelissero adds that the “virtual period” is scheduled to end no later than May 15.

According to Robinson, qualified teams are now allowed to distribute offseason program materials to players, who can begin virtual workouts to earn their workout bonuses.

Robinson adds that the plan is for the NFL’s offseason to remain virtual as long as all 50 states are under some kind of lockdown. This prevents teams from having in-house work, OTAs or any form of camps until all 50 states have removed lockdown restrictions.

The NFL teams and players will have to come to their own agreement in terms of what the benchmarks are to earn offseason bonuses. However, Robinson says this will be a team-by-team basis and players will be allowed a $1,500 stipend for necessary workout equipment needed to fulfill workouts.

Pelissero reports that if team facilities do not reopen during the offseason workout program, clubs may conduct a mandatory veteran minicamp on a virtual basis, with the following limits: 2 hours of classroom time, 2 hours of workout time.

Robinson adds that the NFL believes these roles will maintain a competitive balance between all 32 teams and the NFLPA voted unanimously to accept the terms of the offseason programs and workout bonus guidelines.

The NFLPA has confirmed the news:

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