NFL Notes: 2018 Cap Space, Cowboys, Panthers, Redskins


2018 Cap Space

Jason Fitzgerald posted some updated 2018 cap figures for the top-10 teams on Sunday. Here’s the list of teams with the most cap room to work with:

  1. 49ers – $116M
  2. Browns – $111M
  3. Colts – $84M
  4. Jets – $76M
  5. Buccaneers – $64M
  6. Vikings – $58M
  7. Texans – $54M
  8. Redskins – $54M
  9. Titans – $52M
  10. Lions – $48M


  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that some are bracing for an effort by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to do something about the new contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell that was recently finalized.
  • According to Florio, there’s a concern right now that Jones will make one last attempt to derail the deal.
  • However, some owners are reportedly prepared for Jones to declare victory, despite the fact that he wasn’t able to get the compensation committee to shut down the process.
  • As for the upcoming owners meeting, Florio says that it’s primarily be aimed at discussing where the league goes from here and discuss topics including procedures for negotiating future Commissioner contracts and allow some owners to vent about Jones not keeping things in-house.


  • Toms Pelissero points out that Panthers veteran DE Julius Peppers earned another sack bonus on Sunday of $250K by totaling his 9 1/2 sack of the season.
  • According to Pelissero, Peppers can the full $750K if he gets to 11 sacks this season.


  • Mike Florio, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reports that the Redskins have listed their entire scouting staff as witnesses who could testify in the upcoming grievance hearing involving former GM Scot McCloughan.
  • Florio mentions that there’s concern from the team’s scouts regarding the potential consequences that could come if their testimony is perceived as favoring McCloughan.
  • On the flipside, Florio says that if their testimony favors Washington, they fear that other General Managers will become less inclined to hire them, particularly those who have a favorable view of McCloughan.
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