NFL Notes: Eagles, Packers, Ravens



  • Jimmy Kempski of points out that it could be easier from a cap perspective for the Eagles to trade players like LB Mychal Kendricks and C Jason Kelce after June 1, given that it would allow them to split the cap hit they would incur from moving players between this year and next.
  • For example: If the Eagles trade Kendricks today, he could count $4.8 million against the 2017 salary cap and net them $1.8 million of cap room. However, if they waited until after June 1, those figures improve to a $1.6 million cap hit in 2017 and $3.2 million in 2018 but would free up $5 million of cap room.
  • As for Kelce, trading him after June 1 would create $5 million of cap space and count $1.2 million against the 2017 cap and another $1.2 million against the cap in the future.


Packers RB Ty Montgomery explained that he would rather play fewer years at running back if means he’ll have the kind of success he’d like to have in the NFL, even if his career could be longer by playing receiver.

“Do I want to play in the NFL for a longer period of time and not be as happy because I’m not having the amount of success that I’d like to have?” Montgomery said Tuesday, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “And if running back gives me that, then I’d rather play [6 to 8] years in the league … having a successful career and having a lot of fun doing it and not always battling to be somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver, even if it meant a [10 to 12-] year career.

So, would I rather be trying to be someone’s No. 1 running back than being somebody’s fourth, fifth or sixth receiver? Would I rather be trying to make someone’s team as a fourth, fifth, sixth receiver and potentially not making as much money as I could if I played 6-8 years in the league and have the potential to make the amount of money I could at the running back position? It all came down to quality over quantity, and I want the quality of years to be what I want.


Ravens HC John Harbaugh mentioned that new S Tony Jefferson has been “A-plus” addition to their defense.

“My impressions would be A-plus in every area,” Harbaugh said of Jefferson, via ESPN’s Jamison Hensley. “I see him in the weight room, I see him in the conditioning, and I see him in the meeting room. I see his knowledge of the defense already.”

Harbaugh added that combination of Jefferson and Eric Weddle has been causing a lot of issues for their offense.

“I see how he and Eric interact back there,” Harbaugh said. “We are causing the offense a lot of trouble. I think those two safeties back there have a big impact on that, and Eric has done a great job and Tony has done a great job.

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