NFL Notes: Peyton Manning, 18-Game Schedule, CBA Negotiations


Peyton Manning

Since he retired from the NFL in 2016, Peyton Manning‘s name has come up as a potential general manager. Manning says he’s had conversations with a few different teams, but isn’t ready to take on that type of job yet. 

“I’ve had talks with a few teams. It never got into any type of negotiation, if you will,” Manning said via NBC Sports’ Peter King. “I think a couple teams have expressed interest … I’ve given them that same answer. I’ve listened. I just said, that’s a job that is not a one-foot, dip-your-toes-in-the-water job. It is all-in, all-encompassing. I guess because I have that respect for the job and what it is, what it takes, that that’s why I’ve passed at this point. At some point, maybe I am ready to say, ‘Hey I’m all in.’ But I’m just not there yet.”

18-Game Schedule

NBC Sports’ Peter King writes that a couple NFL teams are interested in the idea of an 18-game schedule expansion that includes a limit of 16 games for each player. However, one plugged-in club official told King the details would be too hard to implement. 

“I can’t see it,” the official said. “Imagine you pay to see Tom Brady and the Patriots, and the Patriots announce that week it’s one of the two games he’ll sitting out this year. Now you’re seeing Brian Hoyer throw to some practice-squad guy. I don’t see any way we could ever do that.”


  • According to NBC Sports’ Peter King, one team source is positive the NFL and NFLPA will be able to reach an agreement on a new CBA, saying it was 50-50 on a new deal being done before the start of the 2019 season as long as the players didn’t push for more than the 47 percent of the revenue they receive now. 
  • However, King talked to source on the player side who wasn’t as hopeful, saying the players would need a larger cut of the revenue pie to agree to a new deal two years before the current one is set to expire. 
  • The source told King negotiations have been positive, but more like baby steps toward a deal. There have been no discussions about changing the revenue split so far. 
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