NFL Rumors: Chad Henne Starting For Miami In 2011?


Here’s a headline that will probably sit well with Miami Dolphins fans. As Ben Volin Palm Beach Post sees it, the Dolphins are more likely to begin 2011 with Chad Henne under center than one of the many specualted quarterback options that should be available to them.

Trade Options

Volin mentions that the Dolphins would have a tough time acquiring a quarterbacks via the trade market, e.g. Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer, Matt Flynn or Kevin Kolb, because the team is without a second-round pick which seems to be what it would take to get a deal done for most of the listed options.

Free Agent Options

Volin also mentions that signing Vince Young and Donovan McNabb isn’t a great idea because they wouldn’t be good fits with the “Dolphins’ risk-averse coaching staff.”

Draft Options

As for the draft, Volin writes that the Dolphins could target a quarterback in the mid rounds. He specifically mentions Colin KaepernickChristian Ponder or Ricky Stanzi as likely targets.

Once again the Dolphins find themselves in a tough predicament. With no CBA agreement or second-round pick, their options are limited to say the least. Anyone that they could take at No. 15 in the upcoming draft wouldn’t be much of a sure thing and with Cam Newton’s stock rising, trading up for him doesn’t seem all that likely either. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they target Vince Young during free agency just yet. The fan base could use something to get them interested in the upcoming season and bringing in Young would at least give them that much and he would be an upgrade to Henne. If Miami does end up sticking with Henne at quarterback, I would expect them to actively pursue DeAngelo Williams.

pixy NFL Rumors: Chad Henne Starting For Miami In 2011?

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