NFL Rumors: Jets Not As Interested In Randy Moss As Reported?


Adam Schein of Sirius NFL Radio and puts an end to the previous reports that the team was interested in bringing Randy Moss. Schein is reporting that the Jets have “no interest” in signing Randy Moss.

Schein adds that a “reliable source” provided this information to him and goes on to mention that Rex Ryan’s earlier comments were an attempt to motivate free agent to be Santonio Holmes.

I guess that puts an end to the most interesting rumor of the week.



Multiple sources are reporting that the New York Jets are in face interested in WR Randy Moss.

Vic Carucci of writes that “according to multiple league insiders, the interest the Jets have in Moss is twofold. . . . One, it could help them weather the very real possibility of losing at least one of their three free-agent receivers: Holmes, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith. Two, it would keep Moss from returning to the Patriots, whom he is known to want to re-join.”

Mike Freeman of CBSSports reports that “several league sources told the team is seriously intrigued by Moss.”

The Jets must feel as though can get Moss to return to the Pro Bowl form he should while playing for the New England Patriots because there are going to be a number of NFL teams that wont even consider the idea.


Considering that Randy Moss (34) is coming off of one of his worst season’s in the NFL it would seem as though he would have a very limited amount of options as he heads in the free agency. The questions about his character and his ability are warranted but he could be of use to at least one team.

Greg A. Bedard of the Boston Globe mentions that the New York Jets would make sense for Moss considering that their top-two wide receivers (Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards) are set to become free agents. Yesterday we wrote that there’s no guarantee that the Jets are able to keep Holmes because of his desire for a longterm deal and the amount of money that the Jets have already committed to some of their players. Keeping both Edwards and Holmes will be very difficult and may require one of the players to accept less money than they were expecting to get.

Moss is going to be a cost efficient option because of his poor 2010 season and he’s also a big target that could take over Braylon Edwards if the team is unable to keep him. The best part of the deal would be his familiarity with the New England Patriots. Last season the Patriots grabbed Danny Woodhead off of waivers as soon as the Jets released him. Bringing in Moss would be a counter punch from the Jets but then again the Jets were able to beat the Patriots when it mattered most.

A few weeks back Rex Ryan discussed Moss by saying that “Randy Moss, I’ve said all along, is a great vertical receiver and you have to roll coverage. Most teams would have to roll coverage to him. We never did, but we got burned for a touchdown. But he was a weapon. A vertical weapon down the field.’’

We’ll have to wait and see how things play out with the teams wide-receivers before the Moss rumors can begin.


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