NFL Rumors: Jets Offseason Rumors


The New York Jets have become one of the most polarizing teams since the 90’s Dallas Cowboys. Despite all of the hype and star power that they possess, the Jets didn’t have enough to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and advance to the Super Bowl.

Know that the season is over for Rex Ryan and company, we can begin to discuss some of the roster decisions that they will be faced with during the offseason.

Jason Taylor

The jury is out on whether or not Taylor will return for the 2011 season but one thing worth consideration is that the Jets would be on the hook for $2.25 million with a $10 million roster bonus. At that price there is no way that Taylor is returning to Jets which is why he’ll have to renegotiate his deal if he wants to play another year. Money aside, Taylor is not the same talent he was in previous years and the Jets are need production out of their defensive line.

Santonio Holmes

Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger writes that the teams decision to leave Santonio Holmes on the side lines for early part of Sunday’s game didn’t sit well with Holmes.

“I just had to go with the game plan,” Holmes said, per Vrentas. “That’s the way things were called at the time, and that’s what I had to do.” When asked about whether or not he was aware that he would be on the sidelines for the beginning of the game Holmes said that “ask Coach [Brian] Schottenheimer what happened; he’ll explain everything to you. I don’t have the answer to that.”

Considering that Holmes and Braylon Edwards could both be unrestricted free agents at the end of the year, the Jets will have to make a tough decision regarding whether or not the choose to retain either of them. Holmes seems like the more explosive player but Edwards has better size. Their decision will be a good indication of what direction the teams offensive will be going in.

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