NFL Rumors: Panthers Re-signing DeAngelo Williams?


In an interview with ESPN today, RB DeAngelo Williams mentioned that he believes that the Carolina Panthers want to re-sign him once free agency is underway. Williams also said that he would like to stay in Carolina and sign a longterm contract.

“I’m going to hold loyal to them as long as they hold loyal to me,” said Williams. “But in the event that they don’t want to re-sign me, hopefully there’s 31 other teams that will give me an opportunity to play for them.”

As of now we have Williams as the No. 2 best available free agent on out Top 50 – 2011 Free Agents list. What makes the situation interesting is that the Panthers will have Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson heading into next season so allocating the kind of money that Williams would require to a position of relative strength doesn’t seem like the best idea on paper. Just ask the Bills if they still think it was a good idea to go into the 2010 with three running backs instead of addressing some of their other needs.

Despite Williams optimism, I wouldn’t expect a deal to get done early into free agency.

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