NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow Starting In Denver?


At the NFL Combine new Denver Broncos head coach John Fox addressed the teams quarterback situation by saying that Kyle Orton is the teams starting quarterback. Since then there have been some reports that have suggested that Tim Tebow is lacking support in Denver but the Broncos have attempted to defuse that situation.

ESPN’s Bill Williamson writes that he feels that the Broncos have nothing to lose by starting him and that this would allow them to move in a different direction if he ends up being a wasted draft pick.

“Considering both the pros and the cons, I think it is in Denver’s best interest to start the Tebow era now. It comes down to the timing being right. Fox has nothing to lose, and if Tebow is a bust, Denver can move on. It is invested in this player regardless of who picked him. The Broncos must see what they have and delaying the Tebow experiment would only create more questions and uncertainty.”

We couldn’t agree more with Williamson on this topic. Kyle Orton alone doesn’t make the Broncos contenders so the best thing for the team is to see what they have in Tebow. The only way that they are going to be able to end all of the hype surrounding him is get him out there and show the fans what kind of a player he can be. Denver can try to get another draft in return for Orton which should help them address other needs.

It will be much easier for the franchise and fan base to move on from “tebowmania” if they are certain that he’s not their quarterback of the future. This is what you get when you draft a player as polarizing as Tim Tebow.

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