Pass Interference Replay “Almost Certainly Will Not Be Extended,” Sky Judge Being Considered


Judy Battista reports that the NFL Competition Committee continues to discuss rules ahead of the upcoming league meeting that is scheduled for the end of May.

According to Battista, pass interference replay “almost certainly will not be extended.”

Last year, the NFL struggled to consistently implement the rule change and by the end of the year, teams surveyed were overwhelmingly against making pass interference replay permanent or extending it another year, per Battista.

The NFL is considering adding a sky judge, which has the support of NFL coaches, but there is still more discussion needed to sort through some concerns. Battista mentions that some question with the sky judge idea including the parameters of their power and where the NFL would get sky judges from.

It’s possible this is something the NFL could experiment with during the preseason.

We’ll have more regarding potential changes to the replay system as the news is available. 

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