POLL: Which QB Would You Pick As Your Starter In 2021?


Until the Texans cave and put Deshaun Watson on the block, there’s a reason the Rams pushed so hard to get a trade for Matthew Stafford finalized before the Super Bowl was even in the books. There are plenty of quarterbacks available for trade, but there’s a clear second tier. 

Eagles QB Carson Wentz and Raiders QB Marcus Mariota are definitively on the block right now. There’s a good chance Jets QB Sam Darnold joins them at some point before the draft. All three have talent as former top-three picks but all three face major questions about their ability to be consistently productive. 

Setting aside the exact cost of what you’d have to trade for each player, as it should be relatively in the same ballpark, which one is the best option as a starter for the 2021 season? 

Which QB Would You Pick As Your Starter In 2021?
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