POLL: Which Veteran QB Would You Target As A Potential Starter In 2021


The pending quarterback carousel is going to dominate a lot of the conversation this offseason, as beyond all of the rumored starters available for trade are a wave of veteran quarterbacks with extensive starting experience. 

None of these guys are franchise quarterbacks barring an unexpected late-career resurgence — which isn’t entirely out of the question just looking back through NFL history at guys like Rich Gannon. But they’re good options as bridge quarterbacks for teams looking to transition between franchise guys. 

Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t ready to call it a career quite yet after playing well in his appearances in 2020. Cowboys QB Andy Dalton started an extended stretch in Dallas and looked competent. Chargers QB Tyrod Taylor is safe and reliable and just keeps getting Wally-Pipped by breakout rookie quarterbacks. And Patriots QB Cam Newton is a bit of an enigma as a former MVP who had horrid passing stats in a Stone Age offense but who the eye test showed some flashes of effectiveness. 

One or two of these guys could end up in starting roles in 2020 while the others will be sought after as high-end backups. If you were in need of a veteran starter, which one would you choose?

Which Veteran QB Would You Target As A Potential Starter In 2021
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