Saints FB Michael Burton Tests Positive For COVID-19


Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Saints FB Michael Burton tested positive for COVID-19 while the team is in Detroit leading up to their game against the Lions.

According to PFT, the Saints are currently conducting testing of those who were in contact with the unnamed player. The player traveled with the team on the plan from New Orleans was sitting close to four players including running back Alvin Kamara.

Jay Glazer confirms the news and adds that the Saints found out late Saturday night after landing in Detroit. New Orleans is conducting point-of-contact tests now at the team’s hotel because of possible exposure.

The unnamed player is getting his swabs re-run to confirm the results, per Glazer. 

Saturday started with the news that another Titans’ player had tested positive. Then came the news that Patriots QB Cam Newton was going to miss Week 4 after testing positive. 

This was followed up by Chiefs practice squad QB Jordan Ta’amu testing positive soon after, so this has been a bad 24 hours for the NFL, to say the least. 

The fact that the Saints are on the road tomorrow and that the test came so soon before the game could lead the NFL to postpone the contest. 

We’ll have more regarding the Saints as the news is available. 

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