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Los Angeles Notes: Chargers, Rams, & Raiders


  • According to Jason La Canfora, Chargers owner Dean Spanos‘ options in a potential deal with Rams owner Stan Kroenke likely come down to him putting up $500 million or more to be a partner on the project. La Canfora says this would be “very steep” for Spanos.
  • Should Spanos elect to be a tennant in Inglewood, he would get a cheap lease, but also much smaller amount of revenue, according to La Canfora.
  • La Canfora considers the idea of the Chargers remaining in San Diego to be “bleak,” as the Chargers would have to compete with Kroenke’s new stadium in team.
  • The Chargers will reportedly want clarity and to start selling season tickets and marketing as soon as possible, per La Canfora.
  • According to La Canfora, Chargers’ brass were floored by results of yesterday, and will need a little time to catch their breath and consider options before work gets done.


  • La Canfora says that the Rams won’t be able to sell premium seats or naming rights to the stadium until February 15 of next year, unless an agreement is struck with a second team before them.
  • With this in mind, there’s actually some incentive for the Rams to get an agreement in place with a second team or they’ll be forced to wait more than year to move forward with big sale item, per La Canfora.


  • Jason La Canfora writes that Raiders if Charger owner Dean Spanos passes on the option to go to Inglewood, Raiders owner Mark Davis will pounce, adding: “Like he will literally morph into a cheetah and jump on someone at the league office.”
  • Regarding the $100 million the NFL will pay the Raiders to use towards a stadium in Oakland, La Canfora says that things have come too far for that to be a deciding factor.
  • According to La Canfora, “no one wanted to be in Los Angeles more than [Davis] (not even Kroenke, whose wealth isn’t remotely as tied to his NFL team), and now he’s virtually assured of never getting there.”
  • La Canfora seems to think there will be more talk about the Raiders possibly moving to San Antonio in the coming months.

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