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2013 Options For Michael Vick

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole spoke with three NFL sources this week to help him with compile a reasonable list of potential options for Michael Vick next season, assuming that the Eagles do in fact end up releasing him.

Cole has the Bills are the likeliest team to sign Vick. According to a source close to Vick, the Bills were interested in signing him to a contract back in 2009 and considering that they can offer him a very solid offensive line, they figure to be one of the best available options. Buffalo has publicly stated numerous times that they will consider all available options at the quarterback position, despite the fact that they locked up Ryan Fitzpatrick last season.

Cole also lists the Browns, Jets, Cardinals and Eagles as other possibilities.

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Teon Taylor

The KEY is they have a solid offensive line, something the eagles did not. Vick is a great QB, but when your getting sacked and chased down every other down…chances are passing is going to be the last thing on your mind. Worrying about where the sack and pressure is coming from becomes top priority. It’s not Vicks fault the eagles suck, their O-line is TRASH. He would be a good fit for Bills.

Mark James Moon Fleming

Vikings….it is time my friends

Kenneth Bagwell

Woudn’t bother me AT ALL.

Christopher Wojcik

I have been a die hard bills fan for 30 plus years and if they obtain Vick, I will not watch a single game. He is a awful human being and does not deserve to be in the NFL even though he did his jail time. When you commit a heinous crime like that you need more than jail time.

NFL Trade Rumors

The good news is that it’s just speculation at this point. Buffalo seems to be willing to explore all options, so even if they do in fact choose to move on without Fitzpatrick as their starter, they will be plenty of options in the F.A., trade market, and the draft.

Teon Taylor

Oh Please, That Crap Is So Old. This is football not dog walking. He paid his dues, Your Team SUCKS ASS!!!! I think they will ignore his dog problems from 5 years ago in an effort to win. That’s what sports are about not old ass problems that have been dealt with. Its All About Winning.

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