AFC Notes: Colts, Jets, Texans



  • Stephen Holder of the Indy Star writes that no player on the Colts’ defense will likely be impacted as much as John Simon, who is moving to defensive end after playing outside linebacker last year.
  • Holder says that the new 4-3 defense isn’t a great situation for Simon based on what he’s seen up to this point and Simon lacks the elite athleticism it takes to beat pass blockers with pure speed.
  • With this in mind, Holder says it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Simon ends up being a notable roster cut this summer for the Colts.


Jets WR Quincy Enunwa mentioned that he first experienced an issue with his neck back in 2015, but the disk issues became gradually worse and he wound up undergoing surgery last summer.

“If it happens again, it’s not going to be like I have to have surgery again,” Enunwa tells Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “It’s going to be gradual just like this was. This happened three years ago and gradually got worse. I got hurt against the Titans in my second year, . . . and it got progressively worse.”

The good news for Enunwa is that doctors have told him this neck issue isn’t life- or career-threatening.

“It was easy. There was no rehab,” Enunwa said. “I had the surgery. I had a brace for a little bit. I didn’t have the brace for long. I had to sleep a certain way for a few days. After that, it was nothing. I wasn’t allowed to run [in the beginning]. Otherwise, there was no rehab. Everything I did was for my legs, so when I got back I could run.”


Free agent RB Adrian Peterson has said multiple times after the past few years that he would love to play for the Texans.

Current Texans RB Lamar Miller believes Peterson would be a great addition to their backfield.

“I used to look up to Adrian Peterson growing up,” Miller said, via “He runs the ball hard. He’s a great running back. He’s been a great running back in this league for years. It would be good to have him join us, just his leadership, seeing the things he’s done in previous years, that I feel like I could probably learn from him. It would help us out as a team.”

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