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Bears The “Favorites” To Land Mario Williams?

John Mullin of CSNChicago.com reports that multiple league sources have informed him that the Chicago Bears are the “favorites” to sign DE Mario Williams.

Chicago has shown interest in upgrading their defense but to the addition of Mario Williams would give them one of the vaunted pass-rushing combinations in NFL history.

The Bears have more than enough cap space to make this happen and the fact that they employ a 4-3 defensive end can’t hurt their chances any.

Mullin notes that Lovie Smith did mention that he would like to upgrades the teams’ pass rush next season and it’s hard to image them doing any better than adding Mario Williams.

We have Williams listed as the #2 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy Bears The "Favorites" To Land Mario Williams?

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Dan Meehan
I really have no idea how to feel about this. I constantly hear the arguments about, look what the giants did with their pass rush against the pats 2x. But they also have 3 targets for Manning that dwarf anything the bears could hope to have at this juncture.  I really think as a bears fan that the best thing the bears could do for the team, would be to spread money out if you are going defense via FA and grab LaRon Landry and Brandon Carr whom together would probably have the cap hit of Mario by himself. Then… Read more »
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I can really appreciate your level-headed approach here. Adding one guy at DE isn’t going to make to them a Super Bowl contender but using their money wisely to add talent to a multitude of positions has a great track record of sustained success.

I like the idea of grabbing guys Carr, Meachem and Gaither is it would give them some much needed depth so that they can sustain the lose of a key player better.

At this time of year it’s hard to find some that’s cautious about their teams’ spending habits.

Dan Meehan

I appreciate you knowing where I’m coming from, but I would prefer to get both Landry and Carr 😉 lol. 

Though I’m confused by what you mean by the last statement. By saying it’s hard to fin some that’s cautious about there teams spending habits. Sorry could you elaborate?

NFL Trade Rumors

Free agency start tomorrow and a lot of fans are concerned about what big-name free agent their team could sign in the coming days. That’s why Vincent Jackson rumors are so popular right now because there are a number of teams interested in him.

My point is, instead of you getting caught up in the possibility that your team could sign arguably the best available free agent, you chose to take a more practical approach and that’s what I can appreciate.

Dan Meehan

Okay thanks for clarifying that. But its not like I don’t want my team to make a splash. Like I said I would prefer to have  the Bears grab both landry and Carr, especially because of the fact the bears secondary has been so abysmal outside of Tillman for a while now. To boot, Tillman isn’t getting any young. 

But I’m pretty sure that the Bears want Mario and vice versa at this point in time.

Mikey Roederer

I agree with a Carr/middleton type pick up at CB, Tillman definitely needs some help, but the Safety has two very young guys that when they finally got to play together last year proved to be one of the best tandems in the league, so I don’t agree with the pick up of Landry. I do think we need to find a pass rusher, just maybe not Williams, possibly Mincey? or Wimbley?? A splash is needed, but we do have quiet a few places we could upgrade in…

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