Titans Could Have Chris Johnson Deal Done By The Weekend?


Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network mentioned that the Tennessee Titans are “ready to make the offer” that will get Chris Johnson back on the practice field, per Chris Wesseling.

Lombardi specifically said that the Titans are “very aggressive” and would like to have this deal done by the end of the week. Lombardi adds that “they’ve opened up the bank vault,” and “it looks like they’re going to pay him.”


NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora mentioned that “wouldn’t be shocked at all” if Chris Johnson and the Titans have a “breakthrough” by the end of the week.

La Canfora sees the the two sides getting a deal done with enough time to get Johnson ready for the start of the season which could be good news for anyone that happens to own Chris Johnson in their fantasy league.

Keep in mind that this is La Canfora’s opinion. The situation could definitely change as the days go on. We’ll have more updates as they become available.


Yahoo’s Jason Cole reports that the Tennessee Titans and RB Chris Johnson will be meeting again on Tuesday but cautions anyone that progress is not guaranteed.

Don’t expect much, but talking is better than not,” says Cole.

As we learned from the CBA negotiations that played out for the better part of six months, talks between the two sides pick up when there’s something to be lost and with the Titans season opener twelve days away, it’s suffice to say that the negotiations are nearing the eleventh hour.

As of now you would assume that Chris Johnson and his representation have more leverage than the Titans considering that he’s already passed the point were he’ll get to count the coming season as accrued experience. Tennessee knows that they’re better with him than without so getting a deal done sooner is to their benefit. The longer they wait the more his asking price gets justified by the other deals signed. Titans fans can thank Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Vick for that much.

pixy Titans Could Have Chris Johnson Deal Done By The Weekend?

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