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Cam Newton Wise To Postpone Extension Talks Until After 2014 Season?


Several quarterbacks and teams have big decisions to make in the aftermath of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick signing an extension worth up to $126 million, with a record $61 million in guarantees. Panthers QB Cam Newton is one such player.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggests that Newton should refrain from discussing an extension until after the 2014 season at least, thereby mitigating the fact that Newton’s leverage is compromised because he still has two years left on his deal.

  • Florio adds that if Newton waits until his deal expires, he could force Carolina to decide between signing him to a market-value deal, or applying either the exclusive or non-exclusive franchise tag.

Once the details of the Kaepernick contract emerged, many felt that it was a team-friendly deal, as only about $13 million is actually guaranteed because the 49ers can cut him before April 1 in any successive season without having to pay the remaining “guaranteed” amount.

San Francisco likely began a new trend, and teams like Carolina may try to structure a similar deal.

Regardless of Carolina’s approach, Florio is certainly correct in recognizing the material difference between Kaepernick and Newton.  A difference that Newton’s camp will certainly be cognizant of.

One advantage Newton does have that Kaepernick did not have during his negotiation, was security. As a former No. 1 pick, Newton has already cashed in, though his next contract will likely dwarf any previous deal.



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