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Cowboys Get Felix Jones Back, Murray Will Remain Starter

The Dallas Cowboys have been without RB Felix Jones for a number of weeks now but that will change this weekend as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones mentioned that Jones is ready to return to game action, via the Dallas Morning News.

Jerry Jones hinted that Felix may not be completely healthy upon returning to the team and added that rookie RB DeMarco Murray will keep the teams starting job for the time being.

“One thing that comes to my mind is that Murray looks like the more he carries, the more effective he gets,” said Jerry Jones.

It seems as though Felix will be used in specific situations while Murray will receive the bulk of Dallas carries until Jones proves that he’s healthy enough to be as effected as Murray has been in his absence. The two of them back for a very solid backfield and Dallas is only sitting one game behind the Giants who they just happen to be playing this weekend.

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