Donovan McNabb Not Planning On Retiring


Donovan McNabb, 35, has no plans to retire despite being released by two NFL team’s in the last two years.

“I see three teams in the NFL, right now, that I feel like I can add a little bit of flavor to,” McNabb said, via “I won’t mention those teams. But, if the phone rings, there will be a lot of decisions to make on that.

That’s pretty optimistic but McNabb’s unwllingness to take a backup quarterback job makes it seem very unlikely that his phone will be ringing any time soon. McNabb’s seem’s to be ok with that and could be priming a career in television.

A lot of people take a lot of things from the game,” he said. “They take away a Super Bowl ring, they take away an opportunity to play with Hall of Fame players. When I walk away from the game, I take a little bit of everything.”


pixy Donovan McNabb Not Planning On Retiring

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A discruntled Vikes fan
A discruntled Vikes fan

the McBounce Pass doesn’t want to die!

Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

He sees 3 teams, if he was willing to back up I see like 25..seriously I have always loved McNabb, but he has got to realize that he just doesn’t have the arm he used to..If he does decide to be a back up, Chicago is the most logical place for him, he has a similar style of play as Cutler, has a great running game to help him, and if they keep up their improvements from last year, a good O line to protect him..