Ed Reed Hopes To Play Another Two Years

Jets S Ed Reed told reporters on Thursday that he wants to play another two years in the league after this season.

“I have created a standard for myself. That standard hasn’t been created by no fan [or] person in the media,” Reed said, via Manish Mehta. “I think I’m still effective. I watch tape too. I’m not only watching myself. I watch safeties across the league. I don’t think that I have played much different this year than I have in the past if you go back & look at tape.”

This is certainly interesting considering that Reed was reportedly considering retirement in the past few seasons. He ultimately signed a three-year, $15 million deal that included $6 million guaranteed with the Texans, but was released back in Week 10 of this season.

Reed’s play has drastically dropped off in recent years, so it really hard to assume that he will have a lot options as an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Add in some hip issues and it would be shocking to see him get much more than the veteran’s minimum, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

If he could string together some quality performances in the coming weeks, it would really go a long way towards helping him secure another opportunity in 2014.


pixy Ed Reed Hopes To Play Another Two Years

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