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Felix Jones Will Be A Game-Time Decision

Dallas Morning News reports that Cowboys RB Felix Jones is likely to be a game-time decision for Week 16’s game against the Eagles. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones did mention that he would be “surprised” if Jones is unable to play.

“That would surprise me,” said Jerry. “On the other hand, it would be madness not to recognize he hasn’t practiced this week, so you better have another plan in place. … We’ll have a much better feel at game time tomorrow on just how much he can get.”

Jones added that Sammy Morris will “play more than we thought he was going to play thinking back last week.”

As for Felix, he’s had a hard time throughout the week so even if he plays it would be hard to imagine him being as effective as he’s been in the last few weeks. The teams passing attack has been very formidable as of late so there’s a good chance that the ball will be in air more than previous weeks. Either way, I wouldn’t roll the dice on Jones in my fantasy playoffs.

pixy Felix Jones Will Be A Game-Time Decision

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