Joe Flacco Has Looked “The Best He’s Ever Looked”


Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has implemented an up-tempo offense that makes use of a lot of no-huddle looks. Judging by his play this preseason, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco seems to be thriving in this new style of play.

“Flacco looked terrific in training camp, the best he’s ever looked. And he’s been great in the Ravens’ first three preseason games (43-of-60 passing for 433 yards and three touchdowns.),” wrote Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun.

The Ravens certainly have the weapons to make this a potent offense. Typically, no-huddle offenses keep defenses on their heels and with big play receivers like Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith, along with running back Ray Rice, Flacco could be set for a big year.


pixy Joe Flacco Has Looked "The Best He's Ever Looked"

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