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More Speculation Regarding Seattle Seahawks Starting QB Job

May 8, 2012 Seahawks

The occupant of the starting quarterback role of the Seattle Seahawks has yet to be determined, and to go along with the incumbent Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn, Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson was taken in the third round of the Draft. Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times says that the situation has not been settled “by a long shot“.

What the Seahawks have done is expand – and hopefully improve – the array of options they have with the immediate goal of improved quarterback play in 2012 and a long-term starter down the road,” O’Neil writes.

Despite head coach Pete Carroll’s insistence that Flynn and Jackson will compete for the job, the general consensus among football experts is that Flynn will land in the spot. If so, then the likelihood is that Jackson will be back-up and Wilson will be a developmental third-string QB.