NFC West Notes: Aaron Donald, Rams, Seahawks


Aaron Donald

Rams COO Kevin Demoff said during an interview with the Mighty 1090 that DT Aaron Donald’s representatives are looking for more money than they’re willing to offer at this point in time.

“I don’t think they’re unrealistic,” Demoff said of Donald’s representatives, via “I think they see their client at a certain point that they value at, we see it at a different point. To me, that doesn’t mean one side is right or wrong. I think that’s the worst thing you can say in negotiations. We don’t agree, but that doesn’t make us right and them wrong. It doesn’t make them right and us wrong. We just don’t agree. And hopefully we can find that magic bullet to go get there and agree.


After signing RB Todd Gurley to a record-setting contract for his position, Rams HC Sean McVay explained that Gurley’s value to the team extends beyond his on-field production.

Last year’s production isn’t really a reflection of the value that he provides because he did such a great job,” McVay said, via “But he’s so much more than that to our team, the way that he competes in protection, the way that he works and the way that rubs off on his teammates.

“There’s always room for improvement,” McVay added. “Similar to what we talk about with Jared [Goff] as far as having an ownership of the offense in a very similar manner, I think Todd can do that.

“It’s something as simple as understanding exactly what we’re trying to get done, how I can set up the blocks and the combinations. I think those rare backs do a great job of setting their blocks up, cutting on the heels of the linemen and really making the players around you even better.”


Seahawks WR Brandon Marshall explained that returning from toe and ankle injuries is “one of the toughest things I’ve ever been through as an athlete.”

“This is one of the toughest things I’ve ever been through as an athlete,” Marshall said, via the Seattle Times. “One, you’ve got the ‘I’m aging’ part out there. You’ve got the self-doubt creeping in. Then the production slips. You get cut. There’s so much negative stuff happening. Wow, (now) you’re lying on a table, trying to be able to walk again. So, yeah, it’s very difficult.

“The only thing that gets you over that hump is actually doing it and making those plays that you made in the past. So just being able to go out there and feel the grass the way I felt it before, with my feet under me, was special. Then catching the ball, that’s special. Being able to have the defender in front of you, that’s special. I almost had tears in my eyes today, being able to go in the huddle and break the huddle, just because of all the work that I put in.

“I’ve been across the world, trying to get healthy. I’ve been to Germany. I’ve been to London. I’ve been to Switzerland. I’ve been to Arizona. I’ve been to New York. I’ve been all over the damn place, trying to get my damn feet right. So I’m definitely ecstatic about feeling somewhat like myself today.”

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