NFL Notes: Collusion Case, 2018 Cap Space, Colts

Collusion Case

  • Jason La Canfora reports that Colin Kaepernick‘s collusion grievance against the NFL has already started moving forward and the parties have started exchanging communications about how the process will unfold.
  • Kaepernick’s legal team will reportedly ask the System Arbitrator hearing the case to compel all owners and high-ranking officials to turn over cell phone and email correspondence. La Canfora adds that there’s currently a “litigation hold” in place regarding the electronic communication of NFL teams with team officials prohibited from expunging any relevant data.
  • Legal experts believe it’s unlikely Kaepernick’s legal team will be granted access to every owner’s phone records, but La Canfora says that Kaepernick would have particular need to inquire about certain teams that had direct communication with the quarterback, and teams that have suffered injuries at the quarterback position and worked out other players.
  • According to La Canfora, President Donald Trump’s influence and directives regarding Kaepernick and protesting players will be a part of Kaepernick’s collusion argument.
  • Some teams will be involved in the case as well including the Seahawks and Ravens, who spoke with Kaepernick this summer and other teams like the Titans, Packers, Patriots and Cowboys, who either suffered injuries at quarterback or have spoken with Trump.

2018 Cap Space

Jason Fitzgerald of posted updated cap figures for the top-8 teams with the most and least cap room in 2018.

The top 8 include:

  1. 49ers – $117.8M
  2. Browns – $117.5M
  3. Colts – $87M
  4. Jets – $77.6M
  5. Buccaneers – $65.7M
  6. Redskins – $58.7M
  7. Vikings – $57.2M
  8. Rams – $56.2M

The bottom 8 teams consist of:

  1. Steelers – ($3.1M)
  2. Chiefs – ($1.6M)
  3. Dolphins – $2.7M
  4. Falcons – $10.2M
  5. Eagles – $10.2M
  6. Ravens – $10.8M
  7. Panthers – $14M
  8. Raiders – $17.4M

According to Fitzgerald, the average cap room before restricted free agent tenders and other adjustments are factored in should be around $40M per team.


  • Ian Rapoport of NFL Media confirms reports that Colts QB Andrew Luck is likely to be out at least until late November after he suffered a setback in practice this week.
  • Sources tell Rapoport that Luck is not expected to practice at all this week.
  • According to Rapoport, the Colts do not have plans to place Luck on injured reserve and the plan is for him to play late in the season, regardless of the team’s record, as long as he’s healthy.
  • Even so, the Colts have told Jacoby Brissett to plan as though he’s going to be the Colts’ starter for the remainder of the season, per Rapoport.

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