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NFL Notes: Contracts, 49ers, Packers, Patriots


  • Falcons CB Robert Alford‘s $9 million 2018 base salary became fully guaranteed on Friday. (Joel Corry)
  • Redskins WR DeSean Jackson‘s 2017 contract year officially voided on Friday, which will allow him to be an unrestricted free agent next month. (Joel Corry)
  • Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas‘ $8.5 million 2017 base salary became fully guaranteed on Friday. (Joel Corry)


  • According to Jason Cole of B/R, two GMs wondered how the new power structure in which GM John Lynch has say over the offseason 90-man roster while Kyle Shanahan controls the 53-man in-season roster will work over the long haul.
  • Both Shanahan and Lynch confirmed that they have veto power over the other in certain situations. The GMs who spoke to Cole mentioned that the person who ultimately has final say roster matters could become problematic for the 49ers as this plays out.


  • Pete Dougherty of PackersNews.com writes that the Packers shouldn’t let free agent RB Eddie Lacy depart in free agency just yet.
  • Dougherty mentions that there’s a good chance Lacy will end up having limited value as a free agent, considering his past weight issues and the fact that he’s coming off of ankle surgery. Beyond that, the 2017 running back class is considered to be one of the best in years, so teams may be tempted to wait until after the draft before signing a running back.
  • With all of this in mind, Dougherty believes there’s a “good chance” Lacy will have to sign a one-year deal to reestablish his value.
  • An NFL agent with an impending free agent running back tells Dougherty that Lacy could end up signing a one-year deal worth around $2 million that includes incentives.


Patriots free agent RB LeGarrette Blount was asked about his future during an appearance on the Rich Eisen podcast.

“I don’t know what the future holds. That’s something for them and my agent to discuss,” Blount said. “I love being here, and they know I love being here. … I feel great. I’m 30 years old, not a lot of wear and tear on my body. I feel like I’ll be able to play for as long as I want.”

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