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NFL Notes: Holdouts, Eli Manning, Chargers, Colts, & Dolphins


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that “multiple” teams fear that more players will threaten to holdout like Seahawks S Kam Chancellor and argue that they deserve a raise following the salary cap increases.

Florio mentions that the salary cap has increased by $10 million per team in each of the last two years, which means there are players who at one time received a market-value contract, but are now being passed up by a number of players.

According to Florio, there’s a chance that the NFL Management Council could be urging the Seahawks to not give in to Chancellor’s demands and ultimately not to waive fines or bonus forfeitures if/when Chancellor returns to the team.

Florio suggests adding a term into the contract that ensures the player will receive as his total compensation a predetermined percentage of the salary cap as a solution to future cap increases.

Eli Manning

  • According to Joel Corry, Giants QB Eli Manning will carry cap figures of: $14.45M (2015), $24.2M (2016), $19.7M (2017), $22.2M (2018) & $23.2M (2019).
  • Corry points out that Manning has the NFL’s third highest cap figure for a quarterback in 2016 at $24.2 million.


  • Ian Rapoport reports that Chargers WR Jacoby Jones suffered a sprained ankle that is not believed to be serious in Week 1’s game.
  • However, Jones’ status remains up in the air, according to Rapoport.



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