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NFL Notes: Johnny Manziel, 49ers, Lions, & Raiders

Johnny Manziel

Pat McManamon of ESPN reports that Browns QB Johnny Manziel has an interview scheduled as part of the NFL’s investigation into an incident he was involved in Oct. 12 in Avon, Ohio.

“If anybody reaches out to me, if the NFL does reach out to me, I’ll fully cooperate with anything they that ask me,” Manzeil said when asked about an interview with the league. “Anything they need from me, I’m not shying away from that. I cooperated fully with Avon. I cooperated fully with everybody in the Browns and anybody that’s asked me anything.

“It’s an ongoing situation, and I don’t really want to speak on it much more than that. If the situation does arise I’ll fully cooperate. That’s really it.”


Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the 49ers still believe that QB Colin Kaepernick has the same talent he did during the year he took them to the Super Bowl.

However, it’s clear that Kaepernick is struggling with his confidence right now.

According to Glazer, Kaepernick’s teammates like him, but because he keeps to himself, it’s hard for them to pick him up and rally around him.

Glazer adds that players losing confidence happens often in NFL, but he considers Kaepernick “too talented to not eventually rebound.


Lions OLB DeAndre Levy said that it’s not out of the question for him to return this season, even after he suffered a setback regarding his hip injury.

“We’re not mathematically out of it, are we?” Levy said, via Kyle Meinke of MLive.com. “I mean, it’s not impossible. It’s not my decision either way, but I’m doing everything I can do to get healthy regardless of what the decision is.

Levy added that if the Lions continue to lose, he could see the Lions shutting him down for the remainder of the season, but he’ll see how things go in the coming weeks.

“I’m sure we’d talk (if we were mathematically eliminated),” Levy said. “We’ve already kind of discussed … seeing how these next few weeks go with my recovery. Because that’s the big thing it’s based off right now.


Raiders owner Mark Davis said there have been no official talks with the city of Oakland officials in over two months.

“We’ve gotten to the point now, unless you have something to offer, something different, there is no reason to talk,” Davis said, via Vincent Bonsignore.

Davis sounds pretty confident about their chances of relocating to Los Angeles.

“There is no question in our mind that we’re one of the teams that could make it go in L.A.,” Davis said. “There is a Raiders Nation there. We’d kick ass.

Davis also confirmed that he’s open to bringing in some additional help in order to make the transition to L.A.

“People who understand the market, and things of that nature,” Davis said. “We understand that different markets take different groups of people to help make it successful.

“We have a great core of people who are doing a phenomenal job of doing that up north, and they’ll still be doing a phenomenal job in Southern California. But there are different aspects you have to go after between one market and the other. There’s different industries, different companies, different relationships we need to encourage and develop.”


  • Da.city

    How asinine is the info from outside the Bay Area is! Everyone here forgets we won with great qb play. Bill Walsh mooch and harbaugh. Even seifret had holmgren and shanahan. The ignorant owners think somehow like blind squirrels their going to run into an acorn . They fire qb friendly playoff coaches and wonder why the qb play becomes pitiful. Duh… They have qb coach who was blogging last year. They have head coach who had……….. As qb for the reign fire or whatever you call it, and they wonder why he’s failing??? ( doesn’t help that baalke gets piñatas for the ol, and can’t draft for if his life depend on it) Kap was harbaughs avatar, he is an xceptional athlete but reading defenses, knowing where his guys are on the field and his accuracy are truly below average. He was good before, common harbaugh turned sings mess into more probowlers on a 49er team than Montana or youngs super bowl teams. His first year he couldn’t even coach them in the off season. Madden said it was one of the best coaching efforts he had ever seen. Montana says they never should have let harbaugh go. But we’ll all see as the 3 stooges ( baalke, tomsula and York) will scape goat Kap to hide their incompetence ( they should all become politicians) and Kap vd and bowman will be cut or asked to play for the minimum wage. This is the Yorks post mooch mo. The only chance 49er fans have ( I started with the first Nolan as coach) is that Steve young will get a bunch of billionaires together and just buy out the Yorks. It worked for the Warriors, the sf Giants and Seattle. If not this franchise will continue to live under the York reverse Midas touch, turning gold into pooh.

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