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NFL Notes: Kam Chancellor, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, & Eagles

Kam Chancellor

  • Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Seahawks S Kam Chancellor‘s health was a factor in him holding out of the first two weeks of the season.
  • According to La Canfora, Chancellor played through a torn MCL during the the Super Bowl, and the team is reportedly aware of his knee.
  • La Canfora adds that Seattle has no plans to budge from their stance to not renegotiate his contract.


  • Mike Garafolo reports that Browns OL coach Andy Moeller is not facing assault charges from a recent incident involving his girlfriend.
  • Moeller will meet with NFL officials next week to discuss recent incident, and there could be discipline, according to Adam Schefter.




A day after Eagles WR Josh Huff told reporters that he could hear the Cowboys yelling out their plays during Sunday’s game, HC Chip Kelly said that Huff told him that this wasn’t actually the case.

I just asked him about that, he didn’t say that to us,” Kelly said, via NFL.com. “I just asked Josh, ‘do you think they knew our signals?’ and he said no. I said, Josh do you think they’re picking up on things and he said no.

Kelly pointed to the fact that there’s some general predictability to the NFL.

I think there’s certain things that everybody does that’s predictable from a tendency standpoint,” Kelly said. “When you lineup in this formation 75 percent of the time you do this, 25 percent of the time you do this but there’s nothing I don’t think anybody does offensively or defensively that’s 100 percent of the time. The team you’re playing is 80 percent man coverage in this look but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna get man coverage every time. That’s just, everybody kind of does what they do, there’s a certain percentage that everybody does what they do but not always 50/50, you know what I mean?

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