NFL Notes: Mexico City, Los Angeles, Josh Freeman, & Jets


Mexico City

  • Ian Rapoport reports that the NFL is expected to announce a game in Mexico City for the 2016 International Series.

Los Angeles

Jason La Canfora reports that Rams owner Stan Kroenke has made it clear to the league he is willing to share his Inglewood stadium with another owner from the onset.

However, one of the critical issues right now is how equitable this arrangement would be for the other team.

Sources have stressed to La Canfora that even though there are two separate stadium proposals right now, the solution could ultimately involve a pairing of any of the three teams, and everything remains on the table at this point in time.

La Canfora mentions that the Chargers would “strongly oppose” playing in Inglewood with the Rams, as there’s concerns about how much Kroenke would really being willing to share in terms of the wealth of a project. During a league meeting in August, Kroenke indicated that a lease agreement would treat the other team as more of a tenant than a partner.

Kroenke is reportedly at least open to offer more of an equity stake for another team, but this would require more of a cash investment from the other team.

Josh Freeman

  • During Josh Freeman‘s first FXFL game for the Brooklyn Bolts did not go very well, as he threw an interception and fumbled a staggering five times in their 29-6 loss. (Tim Casey)


  • Jason La Canfora reports that the NFL has given the Jets no indication that any additional suspension will be handed down to suspended DL Sheldon Richardson.
  • According to La Canfora, the Jets are anticipating having Richardson back and on their active roster this Monday. This would mean Richardson would suit up for their Week 6 game.
  • La Canfora adds that the Jets are internally bracing for a 10-game suspension or more for Richardson that takes into account his prior transgressions.

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