Peyton Manning’s Relationship With The Colts Deteriorating


ESPN’s Adam Schefter updated the Peyton Manning saga this morning by reporting that “people around the league” expect that the Colts will release before March 8 which would prevent them from paying his $28 million bonus.

“Most people around the league now expect (Manning to be cut),” Schefter said. “It’s a near-certainty.

This really isn’t a huge shock but it’s one of the first true indications of what the Colts plan on doing in the coming weeks.

Every single sign points to Peyton Manning leaving Indianapolis,” said Schefter.

Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star was able to speak with Manning earlier in the week about the current state of the franchise and who it’s impacting his recovery (Here’s a link). Now Kravitz tweets that Colts owner Jim Irsay is non-to-pleased with Manning’s decision to speak to the media. Irsay reportedly said to “keep it in house” and even referred to Manning as a “politician.”

“Don’t put the Horseshoe in a bad light,” said Irsay

The sides are as far apart as they’ve ever been and by the way it’s looking, this is not going end well for either of them.
pixy Peyton Manning's Relationship With The Colts Deteriorating

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