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Ravens Offered Joe Flacco A “Top-5 Contract” Last Summer

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told reporters on Thursday that they offered QB Joe Flacco a “top-5 contract” last summer, per Albert Breer.

If true, it would make Flacco’s decision to play out the final season of his contract all the more remarkable.

Flacco, 28, will definitely secure a $100 million contract at some point, but it will be interesting to see just how much guaranteed cash is included in his next contract.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome told reporters that they will not use their franchise tag on anyone other than Flacco, but wouldn’t say whether or not he would be willing to use the exclusive franchise tag.

Applying the tag is simply a band-aid solution for Baltimore as it would buy them extra time to negotiate a long-term deal. Aaron Rodgers has said that he intends to monitor the situation, as will other quarterbacks like Matt Ryan.

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Dan Rock

I guess Steve Bisciotti loves Joe Flacco so much now he took his first name?

NFL Trade Rumors

Haha! Thanks for pointing out the mistake. Change made.


Top 5 contract for a guy who’s arguably not even a top 10 QB. Somebody is gonna overpay BIG.


5 seasons, 5 playoff runs, 1 super bowl win, a superbowl mvp…yeah, definitely not in the top 10.


5 playoff runs including three trips to the afc championship game*


Top tier defense entire NFL career. Top tier running game entire NFL career. Thrown 25 TD’s only once. Only 12 TD’s more than combined INT/FUM for career. Career QB Rating around 86. With the excpetion of SB MVP, your arguments are all team related, not individual. If I were signing a QB to a 5 year deal today, I’ll take Rodgers, Ryan, Manning, Brady, Griffin, Luck, Brees, Roethlisberger, Newton, Wilson, Kaepernick and Stafford over Flacco every day of the week. ESPECIALLY Sundays………..

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