Report: Browns Unlikely To Release WR Josh Gordon


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, citing a “source with knowledge of the dynamics of the situation,” reports that the Browns are unlikely to release WR Josh Gordon, but it remains a possibility at this point in time.

Florio’s source added that it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cleveland cut Gordon loose before the start of training camp.

There are some mixed signals coming from the source. It seems like what he’s really saying is that he wouldn’t rule anything out at this point in time.

Should the Browns elect to release Gordon, he would have to pass through waivers before he was free to sign on with a team of his choosing.

Mike Freeman of the Bleacher Report reported Wednesday that the NFL will likely hand down a singular punishment for the distinct offenses, and that it “may not be a full season” as widely speculated.

According to Florio, there remains a chance that Gordon will never suit up again given that his suspension could be a year long and he will have to pass up 10 drug tests per month, even while he’s suspended from the NFL.

Gordon is still only 23 years old, and incredibly talented.  Even if he were to receive a full year suspension, he would return to the league as a 24-year old, presumably with one less year of wear and tear.

The Browns are reportedly trying to get him the help he needs to turn things around, but we’ll have to see if he shows real signs of progress.

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