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Report: Dolphins “Covet” Georgia RB Todd Gurley

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, citing multiple sources, reports that the Dolphins “covet” Georgia RB Todd Gurley.

According to Beasley, the Dolphins are hoping that Gurley falls to them at No. 14 overall. However, there has been talk that Gurley could end up coming off the board in the top 10, even with the obvious concerns regarding his knee.

Barry Jackson previously reported that the Dolphins have been doing a “lot of research” regarding Gurley, so this news fits with what has been going around in the past few weeks.

Miami has Lamar Miller as their No. 1 running back, which means that they could buy Gurley some time at the start of the year if he’s not ready to go in Week 1.

Last year, Gurley was suspended for four games after it was found that he accepted money for autographs. Upon returning to Georgia, Gurley unfortunately sustained the season-ending knee injury.

Gurley finished his college career with 3,285 rushing yards on 510 carries (6.4 YPC) to go along with 65 receptions for 615 yards receiving and 42 total touchdowns. He also contributed two kick return touchdowns as well.

We have the Dolphins taking Gurley in our recently updated two-round NFL Mock Draft.

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Let me be complete honest …..Lamar Miller sucks. He is not the answer & is nowhere close to the caliber player Todd Gurley is. Todd Gurley is a Hall of Fame type player & the best player in the whole draft. I have seen this kid play live in high school & college. He is a great kid and very humble. We should trade up to guarantee we land him. He is a BEAST and would help us 1,000 percent. MARK my words!!!!!

Gary Grinch

The Dolphins have their #1 running back in Miller. Just keep feeding him the ball. His numbers have climbed every year. Don’t make much sense to draft Gurley. My opinion of Gurley is he’s simply another or going to be another Mark Ingram.

JaxFalconDogs Fan

Go ahead and bury your head in the sand, Gary. Those of us who followed Todd’s college career know that Ingram could not have held Todd’s jock strap.

Gary Grinch

Let’s see if you still feel the same about Gurley this time next year. I’m sure you’ll come up with some excuse as how whoever drafts him didn’t use him correctly, etc, etc. He’ll be the same as Ingram, and I certainly wouldn’t choose him over Lamar Miller. I’m a huge fan of this website so I’ll check back in on you and your reply, next year.

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