Seahawks Have No Timetable To Decide Starting QB

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll mentioned that he has “no timeline” for deciding on the team’s starting quarterback.

The format is really just to do everything I can to organize it and orchestrate so that they get a legit shot at showing what they can do,” Carroll said regarding the competition between Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson, via the Seattle Times.

There’s no question that Flynn is the presumed favorite to win the job, considering the three-year contract that he signed with them a few months ago. Jackson will still get his opportunity to persuade the coaching staff, but it’s most likely going to take an unbelievable effort on his part to prevent Flynn from taking over. The Seahawks will add rookie Russell Wilson to nix in a few days, but it’s hard to imagine him supplanting the odds on favorites.

pixy Seahawks Have No Timetable To Decide Starting QB

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