Three Teams Already Called About Randy Moss


Randy Moss‘ agent, Joel Segal, joined Pro Football Talk Live today to discuss his clients return to the NFL. Interestingly enough, Segal mentioned that he’s already been contacted by three NFL teams about the availability of Moss. Segal added that he expects to hear from even more in the coming days.

Moss retired last season after a rather depressing 2010 season which saw him get traded back to the Vikings only to be cut in a matter of weeks and claimed by the Titans. It’s been no secret that Moss needs to be properly motivated to live up to his potential but that could be exactly what prospective team’s are trying to do.

Yesterday, we posted reports suggesting that the Eagles and Jets could have interest in Moss as well as the Patriots. These remain speculative options at this point but both the Eagles and Jets did show interest in him at some point last year.


pixy Three Teams Already Called About Randy Moss

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Well Patriot fans, prepare for more of the bad. The run by your franchise was nice while it lasted but after losing to the Giants(making it 3 years in a row a NY team has booted you from the playoffs)the blueprint is in and talent is in decline. BB won early but has not done anything since getting caught cheating. Your players are now wanting to be paid(Welker)or are FA(Green-Ellis)or are aging(Brady). I predict your beloved Pats will be watching the playoffs in 2012.


Moss wont be happy any place, unless its with New England. He has expressed his love for the Patriots very clearly last season, making public comments about missing them, while being a part of another team. His heart is not in the game, unless he is surrounded by the right people. Lets face it, every “problem child” star that has come to New England, has straightened out. There is a mystique about the Patriots that no other franchise can match, it brings its players in as family, from top to bottom, everyone is treated the same. I can say this… Read more »