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Titans Have A “Definite Solid Offer” For No. 1 Overall Pick

A source tells Peter King of TheMMQB.com that the Titans have a “definite solid offer” for the No. 1 overall pick right now. According to King, if the other team were to sweeten their offer a bit, the Titans could be persuaded to trade back.

King adds that the Eagles are considered a team to watch, given that Howie Roseman has been active in the trade market this year and they have the No. 8 overall pick, so the move back wouldn’t be too far for the Titans.

Even with the reported interest in the Titans’ pick, it’s still unlikely that they’ll come anywhere close to the kind of package the Rams received for Robert Griffin III.

But no team’s going to do three ones, the way Washington did for RG3,” said one evaluator. “No player in this draft is worth that.

The Titans have made it quite clear that they’re open for business at the top of the draft, and recent reports have mentioned that teams such as the Cowboys, Eagles, 49ers, and Jets have all inquired about the pick.

Last week, King gave the Titans a “50-50” shot at trading out of No. 1 overall and said that they’ve received “significant interest” in the pick.

Titans GM Jon Robinson said previously that it would require “kings ransom” before later backing away from the comment, explaining that they’re open to any all options right now.

I would say that statement was taken out of context a little bit,’’ Robinson said. “I think the question was: What would it take to move way back in the draft? And my answer was: “It would take several picks for that to happen, a king’s ransom for lack of a better term.

“The reality is we are open to any option that makes our football team better. If that is picking a player, if that is moving the pick, whatever is the best option for the pick, we’ll do it. It is much like a play-call sheet. There’s a lot of play calls listed on those sheets, and whatever call gives us the best opportunity to move the football or stop them from moving the football, it’s the same approach we’re going to take leading up to the draft.

The Titans earned the No. 1 overall pick after posting a regular season record of 3-13.

I’m sure there will be plenty more talk about the Titans possibly trading their No. 1 overall pick in the coming weeks.

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