Tony Sparano Lives To See Another Game

The Miami Herald reports that sources close to the Dolphins believe that head coach Tony Sparano will remain the Dolphins’ head coach for the “near-term.”

There were reports from earlier in the week that Sparano may be “reevaluated” if the team wound up losing to the Broncos this weekend but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Dolphins Stephen Ross knows that his teams best chance of competing for titles in the future is to find a franchise quarterback and the only man that can deliver him that is Tony Sparano. Miami can keep Sparano in place as the head coach and direct all of the negative attention towards him while still having a shot at Andrew Luck. It’s a foregone conclusion that Sparano and Jeff Ireland will be replaced at the end of the season so there’s really no reason to make any immediate changes.

pixy Tony Sparano Lives To See Another Game

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