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Update: Albert Haynesworth To The Titans?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has an update regarding the possible trade of Albert Haynesworth to the Titans. Schefter mentions that there is a specific window in which teams will trade a player while the season has started.

“Teams do not want to make trades once they’ve given out their game plans for the upcoming game. That typically happens on Wednesday.”

If this holds true, Haynesworth would have to wait at least another week to be dealt. Haynesworth has basically made it clear that he would rather be some place else and his familiarity with the Titan’s defensive scheme would suggest that this is the best option for the Redskins.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reported today that the two teams seem to be at an “impasse” over the trade compensations that the Titans have offered. He adds that the Titans current offer is a fourth-round pick while the Redskins have been holding out  for a second-round pick.

Maybe the teams could split the difference and settle on a third-round pick for Haynesworth.


Yesterday, news broke regarding a possible deal between the Redskins and Titans for disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Titans head coach Jeff Fisher said that the he is comfortable with the teams current defense but is willing to listen to offers from the Redskins. This news comes via the Titans blog at Tennessean.com

“We’ve got great numbers,” Fisher said of his defensive line. “We’re probably going to have to deactivate one or two for the game that could play so we’re in good shape.”

“If they’re willing to look into the possibility of dealing him, of course we’ll listen to them,” Fisher said. “We listen to those types of things almost every day.”

This is far from a genuine pursuit of a trade by Fisher and the Titans but the fact that they are willing to discuss a possible deal for Haynesworth makes them the most likely suitor as of right now.


Every time it seems as though  Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins have patched things up, news circulates that their relationship is once again deteriorating.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Washington Redskins have recently discussed trading Haynesworth to the Tennessee Titans. Mortensen mentions that the Redskins are asking for two draft picks in return but the Titans believe that the asking price is to high, considering that Haynesworth comes with a huge salary. The good news for Tennessee is that Haynesworth has already received $32 million of his guaranteed $41 million dollars which leaves his yearly salary at $3.6 million for 2010 and $5.4 millon in 2011.

If the Redskins end up trading Albert it would be one of the largest front-office mistakes in history. Despite the money owed to Hanyesworth, it would still be a great deal for the Titans given their familiarity with him.

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