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Vikings Will Start Christian Ponder This Weekend

There has been a lot of attention paid to the Vikings quarterback position in recent weeks, mainly because of Joe Webb‘s quality outings, but Minnesota head coach Leslie Frazier told reporters that Christian Ponder will finish out the season as the teams starting quarterback.

Christian made it back today and finished practice well and hopefully it’ll just continue throughout this week but the plan is for him to start on Sunday,” said Frazier via Vikings.com.

“Barring injury, as we speak, Christian is our starting quarterback but there are some things we have tried to do over the course of the year with Joe in creating some packages for him,” Frazier added. “We just have to, and we’ve been talking about this, just ways to expand on those packages and ways to utilize some of the gifts that he has and that’s what we want to continue to do and it’ll be a project for us, not only this week but in the offseason as well.”

Obviously Frazier is trying to juggle both sides of the quarterback controversy but Webb has played well enough to start this game. Ponder needs more time to develop and has been dealing with injuries this season so it would make sense to see what Webb can do against Chicago. He only accounted for 3 touchdowns (2 passing and 1 rushing) in limited action last weekend.


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