NFL Notes: HC Candidates, Terrell Owens, Broncos, Jets & Packers


HC Candidates

Jason Cole of B/R has spoken African American coaches from around the league who believe the NFL has “systematically cut off” by the NFL.

Cole mentions that this has to do opportunities relating to available offensive coordinator and quarterback coaching positions.

As of now, there are only three African American offensive coordinators in the NFL, but only one of them calls plays for his team. On top of that, there are zero African American quarterback coaches.

Cole points out that a nearly a third of the current head coaches in the league were previously an offensive coordinator or a quarterbacks coach.

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens hasn’t been with an NFL team since 2012, when he was released by the Seahawks, but the soon-to-be 42-year-old thinks he still has a place in the NFL.

Owens spoke with the Boston Globe, and made it clear he thinks he could help the injury-plagued Patriots offense this season:

Would I be open to it? Considering an organization like the Patriots? Yes. Knowing Tom [Brady] and understanding the structure of what Bill Belichick, how he runs his ship, I have no problem with that. A lot of people will obviously speculate into what I may bring from a negative standpoint to that organization.


Jason Cole of B/R reports that even though Peyton Manning plans to return from his plantar fasciitis, there’s concern from within the Broncos, even if he’s healthy enough to play.

According to Cole, the concern stems from the possibility that issues with plantar fasciitis could return upon returning to game action.

Sources have told Cole that the Broncos could end up keeping Brock Osweiler in place longer than Manning’s current timeline, and take their chances with him. These concerns along with how Manning played towards the end of last year, reportedly has the team concerned about going back to him later on in the season.


HC Todd Bowles gave an update on CB Darrelle Revis and where he stands in the NFL’s concussion protocol. The Pro Bowler went home early on Wednesday, according to Bowles:

I sent him home today and he is still going through (the protocol). Hopefully, he will feel a little better as the week goes. He wasn’t 100 percent still and the docs won’t let him sit in meetings just yet.”


  • With Brett Favre being honored at Lambeau Field on Thursday night against the Bears, Packers legend Bart Starr is in Green Bay and will also attend the game. (TMJ4)

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