Aaron Rodgers: I Don’t Think There’s Any Reason Why I Wouldn’t Be Back With Packers


Packers QB Aaron Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday and downplayed his recent comments that his future is uncertain. 

Aaron Rodgers

“I don’t feel like I said anything that I hadn’t said before,” Rodgers said, via NFL.com. “I said it the first time I talked to the media. It was just more of a realization, I think, that ultimately my future is not in my control, which just kind of hit me in the moment. I was thinking about Aaron Jones and Corey Linsley and some other guys we have under contract, Big Dog (Marcedes Lewis), guys who I don’t know what their futures are gonna be, and myself included.

“Obviously, after the season that I had, and potentially winning MVP and we obviously made another good run, I don’t think that there’s any reason why I wouldn’t be back. Look, there’s not many absolutes, as you guys know, in this business. So to make an absolute statement about something that is not an absolute, I didn’t do it. I guess that’s why everyone went kind of nuts.”

There has been a great deal of speculation about Rodgers’ future in recent days, including the possibility that he could be traded at some point. 

However, Rodgers stressed that he isn’t worried about what people are saying. 

I don’t give a s— about that,” Rodgers said. “I mean, I couldn’t care any less about speculation. I don’t think people are used to hearing the truth from athletes, so when they hear the truth, it’s so, like, surprising at times. …That’s all I said after the game. It was like, obviously, I’m 15 minutes from crying in the locker room with some of my teammates, I come and sit down to do this interview and they ask me questions, I give real answers, just like I do on this show. To me, a reality, not a certainty or an absolute, is that my future is not in my hands. Now that’s really the case for all of us, I think, as players, but you can’t…

“I think, naturally, there’s times where you let your mind go to ‘Maybe I’m going to be a Packer for life’ or ‘I’m going to be like a Tim Duncan or a (Derek) Jeter or a Kobe (Bryant) and play with one team my entire career.’ Naturally, you dream about that. That’s like a dream scenario, and I’ve talked about it for much of my career. I think when they drafted Jordan (Love), it was more just the reality kicking in, like that’s actually never the case. There are no absolutes in this business. And I think it’s a beautiful thing to sit with and to wrap your head around. And I did, and I got to a beautiful place about it. Doesn’t mean that that’s not still a reality. I think that’s the only reality is that there is no absolutes in this business. I just reiterated that after the game, and I get it. Some people are like, ‘You just threw 48 touchdowns and are probably going to win MVP.’ Yeah, I understand that, but again there’s no absolutes in this business, so I gave them a real answer in the moment.

On Monday, Packers CEO Mark Murphy said during an appearance on “The 5th Quarter Show” on WNFL in Green Bay that Rodgers “will be back” with the team in 2021.

“There’s no way in heck Aaron is not gonna be on the Packers,” Murphy said, via NFL.com. “He’s going to be the MVP of the league, might have had his best year ever, he’s our unquestioned leader, and we’re not idiots.”

Rodgers’ future in Green Bay has been the subject of a great deal of speculation over the past few days following his post-game comments about his future being uncertain. 

Last night, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, citing a league source, reported that Rodgers wants a new contract, which would give him some clarity on his future in Green Bay. 

Rodgers has another three years remaining on his current deal and is owed $22.35 million in 2021, $25.5 million in 2022, and $25.5 million in 2023. He currently ranks fifth in new-money average value among quarterbacks and is coming off of an MVP season.

It’s worth mentioning that Packers HC Matt LaFleur also said he fully expects Rodgers to back with the team next season. 

“I sure as hell hope so,” LaFleur said. “I mean, the guy is the MVP of this league. He is the heart and soul of our football team. Hell yeah, he better be back here. He’s our leader. Just so appreciative of him buying into what we’re trying to get done around here and leading that group. His voice carries a lot of weight in that locker room.

Rodgers, 37, is a former first-round pick of the Packers back in 2005. He agreed to a four-year, $134 million extension that includes over $100 million guaranteed in 2018. 

Trading Rodgers this offseason would result in $5.516 million of cap room and $31,556,000 in dead money.

In 2020, Rodgers appeared in all 16 games for the Packers and completed 70.7 percent of his passes for 4,299 yards, 48 touchdowns and five interceptions. He also rushed for 149 yards and three touchdowns.

We’ll have more regarding Rodgers as the news is available.

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