AFC Notes: Dolphins, Jets, Patriots



Dolphins’ HC Brian Flores said that RB Myles Gaskin was able to provide the offense with value on Sunday and that the team will continue to play those who are productive.

“We try to play the guys who are productive … and getting positive plays,” Flores said, via Josh Tolentino of The Athletic. “We’re game plan-specific and guys we feel like give us the best chance to have a productive play or a productive series or are best in the situation, those are the guys we’re going to stick in the game. It’s really specific to the play, specific to the situation – but the guys who are in there who are productive, I would say more times than not, are going to continue to play.”

“I’ve just been working hard and listening to coach Flores in what they wanted out of me in the offseason,” said Gaskin. “I tried to go back to the basics and work hard. … I’m always kind of confident in football. I’ve played it all my life. Moving forward, coming up this next week, just (have to go) back to the drawing board.”

Dolphins’ OC Chan Gailey says that the team still plans to incorporate running backs Jordan Howard and Matt Breida despite their lackluster performances in Week 1.

“I think that we’re going to let the guys try to do what they do best,” Gailey said. “We’d like to play Breida more. I think we’ll try to incorporate some of his skill set into what we do. But there are a certain number of plays in a game and you can’t get them all in there at once. We’re going to try to expand all of their roles but at the same time, there’s only a certain number of plays for guys to get in. I think we’ll look and see what fits each player best and try to do that with them.”


Jets’ CEO Christopher Johnson gives praise to second-year HC Adam Gase even though the team has seen a fair share of struggles.

“I have full confidence in Adam,” said Johnson, via Howie Kussoy of the New York Post. “I’ve seen him interact with this team. I’ve seen him lead this team. Look back to last year, he took a team that did so poorly in the first half of the season and held them together. They finished well. I think that he has a lot more in him as a head coach than some of our fans are giving him credit for. I understand. They want to see success. I think that they will. I do continue to think that he is a brilliant offensive mind, especially.”

Gase has also said that he enjoys Johnson’s presence at all of the team practices and that their bond continues to grow.

“I love working for Christopher Johnson,” Gase said. “He’s been the ultimate supporter, not only with our coaching staff and our players, his accessibility is unbelievable and the fact that he’s here as much as he is awesome because he gets to watch practice, we’re able to talk about what’s going on, how we want to play those games. I love the fact that he’s around so much. It’s been really great for not only myself but the players and our staff because they see him all the time. He talks to everybody. That’s been a great experience for me.”

  • Jets GM Joe Douglas says he has a clear vision for how the roster should be built: “We have a vision. We have a game plan of what we’re trying to accomplish. We want to have the flexibility so when the right player presents itself — the right opportunity — we are going to be aggressive.”


  • Phill Perry of NBC Sports Boston says that it is unlikely that the Patriots would be able to deal for Browns’ WR Odell Beckham following his performance against the Bengals on Thursday night.
  • Perry does say that the Patriots could possibly afford a trade for Bears’ WR Allen Robinson, which would add a strong, veteran weapon to their offense.
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